Probate means the formal proving of a will in the High Court and thus the appointment of a Legal Personal Representative of the deceased. If the deceased made a valid will it is called a Grant of Probate when is formally proven in the High Court. If there is no will and the person died Intestate the Grant is called a Grant of Adminsitration.

To extract a Grant of Probate (or Administration) the following core documents must be completed;

  • Death certificate or Interim Certificate of death
  • Inland Revenue Affidavit
  • Oath of Executor/Adminsitrator (s)
  • Original Will (if there is one)

In addition the following may also be required;

  • Current market valation
  • Oath of testamentary capacity
  • Deed of Renunciation
  • Affidavit of Law
  • Affidavit of witness
  • Affidavit of plight