Personal Injuries Summons

Personal Injuries Summons

This is the next stage to your claim if either you or the other side reject the Injuries Board Assessment or if the Claim is released by the Injuries Board due to the other side declining assessment or the Injuries Board deeming the injuries too complex for assessment.

A Personal Injuries Summons is the paperwork which commmences  a claim arising from an accident. It is written by your Counsel and is based on your instructions, the circumstances of the Accident, your injuries as detailled in your medical reports.

The Personal Injury Summons is stamped and issued by the appropriate court (High Circuit or District) in the are the accident happened or where the other side lived or are based (jusisdiction). It is served on the other side. They reply with a formal pleading- Notice for Particulars. This is a specific questionnaire to your claim and presses you to supply full details of all aspects and the value of your losses.

When you answer the Notice for Particulars with your Reply  the other side then must decide to accept liabilily for the Accident and contest the extent of your injuries only- called an Assessment. If the other side are accepthing liability they will usually request a settlement meeting.

Alternatively they may contest liability and force you to prove everthing-full fight. Either way the position of the other side is set out in their Defence (assessment or deny liability).

If the case is not settled at this point you serve a Notice of Trial along with further details of any changes to your injury recovery. The case is assigned a trial date.