Injuries Board

Injuries Board;

  • All claims for compensation arising from an accident (except medical misadventure) must first be filed with the Injuries Board. The Injuries Board is a State established assessment board. The Injuries Board is an independent body whose sole function is to process every personal  claim in Ireland and either assess the value or refuse to assess and issue an Authorisation to sue.

  • The Injuries Board is straightforward - file a simple application form (Form A) along with a medical report detailling your injuries (Form B). The Injuries Board requests the other side to consent to the Injuries Board assessing value . If the injuries are complex or the Medical Report is vague the Injuries Board may request the claimant to undergo a medical examination at an independent medical examination. 

  • Having compeleted these steps the Injuries Board issues an Assessment of the value of your injuries based on values set out in their Booklet of Quantum 2016.

  • You need expert legal advise in considering the Injuries Board Assessment- is the value fair to you based on what a court would award. Most Assessments are rejected by claimants- however if you wrongly reject and go to Court there may be costs consequences if the Court does not award greater than the Assessment.

  • However you are  one part of the Claim- the other side have a say too. If they believe the Assessment is too high they may reject. So if both accept the claim that is the end of the claim process. The Injuries Board Assessment is legally binding. If either side reject the Assessment you are issued with an Authorisation which allows you to bring a claim to Court- you cannot issue proceedings for injuries compensation (except for medical misadventure) without an Injuries Board Authorisation.