House or apartment sale

Guide to selling your house or apartment.



The key to successfully selling your home is to get all the relevant information at the outset and then

  • PLAN
  • PLAN
  • PLAN.

When you decide to sell your home you should consider-WHERE-WHEN-HOW MUCH.

Where are you going to move to;

  • how much will the move cost
  • are there houses within your budget in the new area
  • can you commute to schools work and shops/amenities

When is the move to take place;

  • have you the time to organise everything
  • will you need to take some time off work
  • will children be moving schools
  • have you already booked holidays out of the country
  • is there any other major family event coming up
  • are you required by work to travel during the period of the move

How much you need to carefully budget the costs of the sale purchase;

  • estate agents fees
  • solicitors fees
  • any outstanding LPT or other taxes
  • BER certificate (if necessary)
  • architects fees for any developments to your home since you purchased it (even if exempted development)
  • financial contributions arising from any developent (extensions/attic conversions) carried out by you
  • first registration mappers fee (if your house is an unregistered title)

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See our guide to the legals involved in selling your house or apartment.